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Enlightenment in the Bedroom - October 2019

This is the Gold Coast's premier event for Women's sexual re-education. We are evolving the way we relate in our relationships and we want more when it comes to sex, connection, intimacy, joy and pleasure. There is so much we were never properly taught about our bodies and our sex...

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Enlightenment in the Bedroom - October 2019

Time & Location

24 Oct 2019, 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm AEST

UNICORN EMPIRE MEDIA HQ, 114 Albatross Ave, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218, Australia

About the Event

6:15pm QLD time - 9:30 QLD time


This movement is no longer just about education around sex and deconstructing the failings of what we were taught.

This sexual RE-education teaches us how our sexual nature, our integration of who we are as women in relationships and as sexual beings, actually determines the level of fulfilment and joy we experience in our lives.

Sex is not just another aspect of who we are. It is how we are brought into this world, and it is the underlying force in EVERYTHING we do and experience.

AND, it's time that we reclaim this part of who we are so that we can move forward in this world with FULL ownership of who we are. In FULL female power.

We relate to ourselves from here. Our partners. All of our relationships and roles. Our businesses. EVERYTHING.

And while ever we are in dismissal of the potency of this force we are not doing ourselves or anyone or anything around us justice.

Enlightenment in the Bedroom has become Women's premier event for sexual re-education over the past few years on the Gold Coast, bringing experts forward to share with you the most valuable pieces of information, perspectives and processes to propel you forward in an atmosphere of fun and supportive womanhood.

AND, we get to have better sex and intimacy than ever before.

>> We've all been taught what 'normal' is for sex. >> We've all been left in our shame and traumas and hangups. >> We've all been left suffering HORRIBLE and sometimes just MEH sex with partners who were also not taught the truth about what sex really is and how it can be a powerful force for healing, connecting and creating. >> And we are all becoming hyper aware that this just isn't the way of life we want to live any more.

We know that we want to release any of the traumas, overwhelm, disconnects and stigmas.

We know that when we have better sex and deeper intimacy, more pleasure available to us in our lives, we FEEL drastically more OPEN and BEAUTIFUL and RADIANT in our lives.

And we are ready for this to become the new normal.


and all the magic that comes along with that.

Are you with us??

An amazing group of women, led by qualified and practising experts in the realms of Sex and Relationships are coming together again to learn and discuss the possibilities actually available to us all.

We will be hearing from and speaking to the experts to find the clues to healing intimate relationships, sparking up sex lives and building a deeper connection with our own bodies for confidence in the way we relate with others.

It's about physical pleasure, but more than that, it's about aligning with and cultivating real, deep and BIG love.



use hashtag #enlightenmentinthebedroom on facebook to see some of the fun we had at the event!

"Oh what a night! Serious fun & serious learning at yet another incredible 'Enlightenment in the Bedroom' event."


"That was amazing! I loved it! It was just a really, really nice sisterhood space and you navigated it really well and facilitated it excellently. I think everyone had such a good time and I feel so grateful to have been there".


Attending the Enlightenment in the Bedroom Event supporting so many of my amazzzzzing friends and Yoni Elixir. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such soulful, sexual women!


"An Awesome Night, honouring who we are as women. Amazing night, beautiful people, beautiful energy, love it! x"


I’ll be along again for sure. I had some huge shifts after the last one. Huge. And after the shifts, I met my man!

- Bobby

What happens when you put a whole lot of fabulous women in a fabulous sanctuary to celebrate being a fabulous woman and promote the use of a brilliant product like #yonielixir!!??

You get #Creative, #Feminine Chaos at its best! I love this event #EnlightenmentInTheBedroom! Every time it just rocks the party!! Thank you to the most amazing creator of all Belinda (AKA BB ~ Beautiful B) for birthing a brilliant product and a brilliant event.

- Michelle Scott Wilson, THE HIGH CLASS HIPPIE





________________________________________________________________ THIS EPISODE'S SPEAKERS:

In this October event we will be learning how Tantra is the perfect vehicle for high performing women to get a vast advantage in their lives, how this ancient knowledge is being tapped into in modern times to exponentially enhance the potential of women who desire world class success AND to be a radiant, sexual woman.

AND we will be learning some luscious moves and deep insights into the ways of sacred sensuality through feminine embodiment from a traditionally trained belly dancer and feminine embodiment expert.


VICTORIA REDBARD - Somatic Sexologist

Victoria is a counsellor, speaker, author, researcher, open relating expert and fonder of The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy.

She has studied tantra and sexuality in many countries and now resides in the Gold Coast Australia helping people have relationships that make them feel free and expansive.

Her Sexuality School The Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy offers deep learning into the psycho-social and somatic aspects of cutting edge sexuality education, that is impacting the globe and creating cultural change world wide.

OZLEM PERON - Feminine Embodiment Trainer

A qualified nutritionist with extensive training as a coach in personal & spiritual development, workshop and feminine embodiment facilitator, certified fitness trainer and Yoga teacher with decades of experience sharing sacred feminine dance, Tantric principles and guiding people through transformational processes in retreats in various exotic locations. She is a profoundly passionate & dedicated creatress with first hand experience healing her own relationship with her body and self; overcoming eating disorders, drug addictions and depression. She has dedicated her life to self empowerment and awakening, women claiming their sensuality, deepening their relationship to themselves and owning and falling in love with all parts of themselves as a woman.


TOPICS: _______________________________

Victoria will share with us her secrets on Tantra for High Performance. @ How to access flow states from pleasure. @ Reducing stress with sensuality. @ New Paradigm Intimacy

In this talk Victoria will share how her success and sensuality go hand in hand in the new face of business.

The Dalai Lama is quoted to have said 'The world will be saved by western women'.

Business has been known to be predominantly masculine in the last two decades; goal focused and target driven with no time for the sweet pull of magnetism. Times are changing as more and more embodied women take to the worlds stage to share their gifts and heart in the name of business. Victoria speaks directly to the struggles of the busy, modern day women. Creating potent practices over prolonged practices, surrendering into intimacy through resistance, and bringing sensuality to everyday life.


👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 🙋🏻‍♀️ 💗 If you're ready to enhance EVERY are of your life and success... 💁🏻‍♀️ 💗 If your long term relationship is getting a little stagnant or is no longer inspiring...

🤷🏻‍♀️ 💗 If you’re in between partners  and you want to make sure the next one is the MOST AMAZING one...

🙋🏻‍♀️ 💗 If you want to open up and activate to receive deeper pleasure (or even how to have your first orgasm).     

I gather the experts for YOU to ask the questions.  



• Your Event Entry Ticket • A Goodie Bag of Lusciousness • Entertaining and Educated Speakers • The Chance to Ask Your Questions Directly • A chance to win Generous Door Prizes • A Fabulous Evening of FUN with other Fabulous Women • Nibbles, Wine and Bubbles • Some Special and Surprise stuff You Will Love! • Insights You Never Realised You Didn’t Know!   

VIP Tickets available and also include a full sized bottle of Yoni Elixir



Each event, we have two new speakers who are highly trained and practicing in this field, either as coaches, therapists, counsellors, body workers, workshop facilitators, trainers.

These women work with women like us every day and have committed their lives to helping women to heal from trauma or understand their bodies, or heighten their sensuality and vitality or work with their hormones and fertility, re-spark their relationships or make sure their next ones are dramatically more loving and inspired! Plus many more areas.

Previous speakers have included:

Bonnie Bliss - Yoni Mapping Founder | Pelvic Wellness Specialist | Bliss Seeker | Speaker | Writer & Intimacy Educator

Tamika Hilder - Inspirational Speaker | Creator | Healer | Teacher | Goddess | Soulpreneur

Ej Love - Love Relationship & Sex Coach | Tantra Practitioner | Sexual Healer

Zapheria Bell - Soul Midwife | Womb Witch | Temple Priestess | Dakini |Spiral Practitioner and Mentor of Leaders

Helena Nista - Sex & Intimacy Coach | Author | Certified Sex Therapist | Somatic Counsellor and Tantra Practitioner

Sharon Moloney Phd. - Fertility Therapist | Birth Educator | Menstruation Ambassador |Hypnotherapist | Author and Speaker

Zoe Zapparoli - Sacred Embodiment | Freedom, Being Relating | Dancing Eros Facilitator

Katy Lawryk - Holistic Healthcare Practitioner | Exercise Scientist | Sports Naturopath | Owner Kin & Tonics Alternative Health

Shan Major - Feminine Power Relationship Coach

Plus other amazing women teaching the fabulousness of being a woman that is available to us all


You can get your tickets in the link at the top of this event page.

Early Bird Tix will be available until FRIDAY 11TH OCTOBER 8pm

Tickets will then go back to the normal price of $54.70 until the day before the event, and if you like, you can choose to include a bottle of Yoni Elixir (for a very discounted price).


“It’s time we saw sex as the truly sacred art that it is. A deep meditation, a holy communion and a dance with the force of creation.” ~ Marcus Allen __________________________________

Founded and Hosted by Belinda Wearne of Yoni Elixir, Enlightenment in the Bedroom showcases exceptional, engaging & POWERFUL SPEAKERS who have dedicated their lives and careers in the pursuit of knowledge and educating others around sexuality, sensuality and spirituality which they use in their work on a daily basis.

They are Sexperts that will help you to recognise where you can level up to Enlightenment In The Bedroom. They are inspiring. They are successful in their fields, engaging and they are incredibly generous with their wisdom. You will go home with some insights you just never even considered and practical tips you can actually embody in your life straight away!



I am overwhelmingly proud to present Enlightenment in the Bedroom which has been running now for two years on the Gold Coast.     

At the core of everything I do, with my coaching, with Yoni Elixir and these inspirational and transformational events, is that women get to experience the true, deep, love that is at the core of their desires.    

They go from their heads to their bodies and hearts.   

From their shadows to the light. From stressed to sensual.  

From lonely to loved and loving.  

They develop and attract more deep intimacy,  More pleasure,  More lusciousness and embodiment and connection.  

They increase their vitality, and excitement for life.   

From shut down to open and receiving.   

They release the junk that’s been holding them back, the resistance that’s slowing them down, and the waiting that’s weighing them down.   

And they feel more and more and more of their soul’s truth.    

I'm excited to see you there!

Belinda 💗🌹💗

🌸 Only 40 tickets will be available due to venue size🌸





  • Ticket


    This ticket includes: * Entry to Enlightenment in the Bedroom with Two amazing guest speakers * Learn Practises to try at home * Nibbles and wine or bubbles * A great night with beautiful women * Time to ask your individual questions during Panel * A gift bag to take home * An opportunity to purchase Yoni Elixir at a discounted price




  • TICKET + 1 50ml Yoni Elixir


    This ticket gives you all the greatness of the event PLUS you will receive a full sized (50ml) bottle of Yoni Elixir at the event. It's the most incredible discount you'll ever get on Yoni Elixir 💗 * Entry with two amazing speakers * 50ml bottle Yoni Elixir * Learn Practises to try at home * Nibbles and wine or bubbles * A great night with beautiful women * Time to ask your individual questions during Panel * A gift bag to take home






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