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Karma Collab Hub

Enlightenment in the Bedroom - September 2019

This is the Gold Coast's premier event for Women's sexual re-education. We are evolving the way we relate in our relationships and we want more when it comes to sex, connection, intimacy, joy and pleasure. There is so much we were never properly taught about our bodies and our sex...

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Enlightenment in the Bedroom - September 2019

Time & Location

12 Sept 2019, 6:15 pm – 9:45 pm AEST

Karma Collab Hub, 47 Lemana Ln, Miami QLD 4220, Australia

About the Event

We are evolving the way we relate in our relationships and we want more when it comes to sex, connection, intimacy, joy and pleasure. There is so much we were never properly taught about our bodies and our sex, our emotions and our possibilities for pleasure and deep, deep connection and love with our partners...there are so many exciting things to learn that takes it all from, well...kinda ordinary to be honest, to inspiring, enlivening, deeply connecting and even beyond.

It’s Time for You to find that Deeply Connected Love & Intimacy You Know is Possible and You Long to Experience IN FULL.

AND it's time to be having the best sex of your life...even if you are single, and even if you still aren't sure you even want any right now.

You are coming to this event because you want to take your intimate relationships and self confidence into that next level for deeper, more inspiring connections. You want to talk to other women about it. And you want to hear answers from the experts.

Yes, the conversations gets a bit raunchy at times and a bit deep at times, and that just adds to the fun! We need to talk about it as it really is, and really can be not just the high school sex ed topics of....

How to not get pregnant...

How to not get an STI...

We are waaaayyy beyond that info...

There are so many more opportunities and possibilities for us when it comes to relating with our intimate partners and our own bodies.

What about pleasure?

What about all the types of orgasms?

What about the ancient knowledge of Queens and Empresses and Goddesses?

What about the healing possibilities of the right kind of touch and intimacy?

What about the roles our hormones play?

What about the spiritual aspects?

What about the experiences of men and actual relating?

What about the traumas and past experiences stored in our bodies?

And soooo many more topics...


Each event, we have two new speakers who are highly trained and practicing in this field, either as coaches, therapists, counsellors, body workers, workshop facilitators, trainers.

These women work with women like us every day and have committed their lives to helping women to

heal from trauma or

understand their bodies, or

heighten their sensuality and vitality or

work with their hormones and fertility,

re-spark their relationships or make sure their next ones are dramatically more loving and inspired!

Plus many more areas.

Previous speakers have included:

Bonnie Bliss - Yoni Mapping Founder | Pelvic Wellness Specialist | Bliss Seeker | Speaker | Writer & Intimacy Educator

Tamika Hilder - Inspirational Speaker | Creator | Healer | Teacher | Goddess | Soulpreneur

Ej Love - Love Relationship & Sex Coach | Tantra Practitioner | Sexual Healer

Zapheria Bell - Soul Midwife | Womb Witch | Temple Priestess | Dakini |Spiral Practitioner and Mentor of Leaders

Helena Nista - Sex & Intimacy Coach | Author | Certified Sex Therapist | Somatic Counsellor and Tantra Practitioner

Sharon Moloney Phd. - Fertility Therapist | Birth Educator | Menstruation Ambassador |Hypnotherapist | Author and Speaker

Zoe Zapparoli - Sacred Embodiment | Freedom, Being Relating | Dancing Eros Facilitator

Katy Lawryk - Holistic Healthcare Practitioner | Exercise Scientist | Sports Naturopath | Owner Kin & Tonics Alternative Health

Victoria Redbard - Somatic Sexologist | Coach & Counsellor | ISTA | Founder Self Pleasure Sister Circles | Spiral Practitioner

Tegan Jade - Soul Alignment Coach | Sex Educator

Plus other amazing women teaching the fabulousness of being a woman that is available to us all



Shan Major - Feminine Power Relationship Coach


* TOPIC: The Feminine Power Way of Relating *

The talk will cover the core abandonment wound that we feel as a result of painful or dysfunctional family dynamics and how this ripples out into our romantic relationships. This has conditioned women to have relationships from a fear-based, self-protecting place instead of embodying surrender, trust and openness.

Through clearing emotional blocks from the past and choosing a new lens, our relationships get to be juicy, empowering and Soul Aligned. Through unlocking our innate Feminine Power, we can magnetize and create a relationship that feels fulfilling, beyond what we thought possible.

* Uncover How Your Childhood Wounds May Be Impacting Your Relationships Now and What You Can Do About It

* Breaking Your Love Patterns and Attracting Soul Aligned Love

* Loving Men through your Feminine Power

Eight years ago I began supporting women who had experienced domestic abuse through various charities in the UK. After feeling that I wasn’t quite living my purpose in an aligned way, I went on to start my own business which has developed into a Soul Mission, as I expand on my own journey. I’m a Feminine Power relationship coach for women who want to create the relationship they desire, while feeling magnetic, safe and juicy.

I support women in clearing emotional blocks and patterns which cause them to experience relationships where they feel rejected, abandoned and unworthy. I teach women how to harness their innate Feminine Magnetism so they can relate to Men from a place of authenticity, vulnerability and confidence.


Anthea Balfour - Owner 'The O'Room", Speaker, Sex & Relationship Consultant; Somatic Counsellor & Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Specialist


*TOPIC: Return to the Temple of Sexual Transcendence*

A return to the temple of Sexual Transcendence is a return to the body-mind, it's a return to our sensuality, to our nakedness, to the raw beauty of what makes us woman. My talk is to evoke the celebratory homecoming of the divine feminine existence. It's my intention to bring visceral recognition to the wild creature within us. A return to the temple is to know the wisdom of our body so we may play and dwell in it's luxurious vitality. A return to the temple is to know the subtilties of mind so we may bend and fold reality to our will and walk this earthly plane in limitless abundance.

Returning to the Temple of Sexual Transendence is for every woman, hungry for a deeper connection with self & other. For the woman who wants to intimately know herself physically, spiritually and emotionally. For the woman who longs to create space for trust, certainty and safety - for the woman who wants innate inner confidence so she may lead her life from an expansive place of play, curiosity and wisdom.

* Learn how to experience exactly what you're feeling and how to move these emotions through your body.

* Learn how to recognise the onset of the fight or flight response so you can remain present in the here now

* Learn how to break cognitive behavioural patterns so that positivity becomes your baseline.

* Find out how all the above mechanisms are the foundations to living an all out orgasmic life leading to magic, intimacy and creativity in the bedroom

Anthea teaches individuals and couples in her care the ways to Empowered, Evolved and Embodied Living. Her passion for the human experience is expressed in how she brings together science and spirituality to form the foundations of living a wild life, with a peaceful heart.

As a holistic health practitioner and Initiated Tantra Practitioner - Anthea's formal education and research, personal development & professional certifications include: Somatic Sexology, Body Energy Healing, cPTSD, Vibrational & Shamanic Medicine, Positive Psychology, psycholinguistics, Attachment Theory, and Epigentics.

Anthea holds professional and Allied memberships with: The Gottman Institute, The World Association of Sex Coaches, National Institute of Applied Behavioural Medicine, the IICT and the IFM.

Underpinning her expertise is her firm belief that we are all whole, that the route to remembering and recognising our wholeness is connection, compassion and vulnerability; and that by allowing our Truths to be a celebration of out very existence we can find space for transformation, fulfilment and vitality.

Anthea is the Owner of the O'Room Tantra Wellness Studio - Offering Tantric Massage and Bodywork Sessions, Relationship & Trauma informed Therapy, Personal Development Coaching, and energy healing.


This event will be held in an all new location in the beautiful venue offered by Karma Collab Hub.

It's a small 'intimate' venue, so seating will be limited to 40 attendees only.

Tickets are $49.70 which includes

* A seat in the audience of two amazing, expert speakers

* Learn Practises to used at home and in your own relationships

* Delicious Nibbles and wine / bubbles

* A great night with beautiful open hearted women

* Time to ask your individual questions during Panel

* A small gift bag to take home

* An opportunity to purchase Yoni Elixir at a discounted price

* Door Prize entry - both women will be giving away amazing gifts including private sessions with them

EARLY BIRD TICKETS: Early Bird ticket rates will be available from Tuesday evening 30th July until the end of the week! 8pm Sunday 4th August. After that time the ticket price will go back to the normal rate of $49.70

Register and purchase your tickets here at the link on this page. You will receive an email confirming your registration and with all the details of the event.

Can't wait to see you there!

Any questions, please contact me, Belinda






  • Ticket


    This ticket includes: * Entry to Enlightenment in the Bedroom with Two amazing guest speakers * Learn Practises to try at home * Nibbles and wine or bubbles * A great night with beautiful women * Time to ask your individual questions during Panel * A gift bag to take home * An opportunity to purchase Yoni Elixir at a discounted price




  • TICKET + 1 50ml Yoni Elixir


    This ticket gives you all the greatness of the event PLUS you will receive a full sized (50ml) bottle of Yoni Elixir at the event. It's the most incredible discount you'll ever get on Yoni Elixir 💗 * Entry with two amazing speakers * 50ml bottle Yoni Elixir * Learn Practises to try at home * Nibbles and wine or bubbles * A great night with beautiful women * Time to ask your individual questions during Panel * A gift bag to take home






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