Enlightenment in the Bedroom - General Admission

Enlightenment in the Bedroom - General Admission



NEW DATE  -  27th June, 2019

6:15 pm - 9:45 pm 


Karma Collab Hub

47 Lemana Lane, 

Miami, Qld, 4220



An event for Women.

By Women. 


Down to earth, open and honest conversations & education about Sex, Our Bodies, Connection & Intimacy and Practises that bring us more Pleasure, Ultra Confidence & Big Love. 

Shared with you by real Sexperts. 


For Deeply Connected Love and Intimacy. 

For women who know there’s more than what we were taught in sex ed. 

For healing and understanding. 

For better relationships with our lovers. 


3.5 hours, 2 qualified speakers, nibbles, wine and a room full of great women. 

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2020 The Year To Reclaim Your Sexual Vitality & Joy