Yoni Elixir 50ml

Yoni Elixir 50ml

SKU: YE001

The original Self Love lubricant/massage oil, designed especially for women's needs to awaken and maximise your pleasure and invite in true intimacy and deep love. 


Use for yoni massage, daily yoni care, breast massage, with your crystal wands and eggs, and intimate moments with your lover. 


This luscious formulation has been carefully prepared using highest quality ingredients and processes to maintain its full integrity. 


Each element has been uniquely selected for its qualities to Nurture, Heal and Protect your Yoni to safely and deliciously support your practise and your pleasure. 

  • Directions for Use

    Slowly massage a small amount of Yoni Elixir into your Breasts and Yoni daily as part of your self-love practise. 


    Care instructions and Self Love ritual included in package. 

  • Product Info

    Ugh, chuck away those toxic chemical filled lubes that get straight into your system through the sensitive walls of your yoni! 


    For more fun, sensuality, vitality, love, orgasms AND a your sexual health, please only use natural products on your beautiful yoni xxx 


    Yoni Elixir contains specifically selected ingredients that contribute to your health, your joy and activate sensual and soulful connection. Yoni Elixir is created using very specific, high resonance processes,so that your intimate moments are supported...you have to feel it to know it! 

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