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WOULD YOU LIKE TO FEEL FULLY SEEN AND LOVED?  For exactly who you are...?



For Exactly Who You Are?

• Would you like to feel free to express ALL of who you are and feel deeply loved and connected?
• Would you like to feel in balance with your emotions, and experience freedom from triggers and judgements so you can have deeper relationships?
• Would you like to know that you are not repeating old patterns in your relationships, so you can be more able to be confident and present


Many of us have a fear that we will lose ourselves in a relationship. Or we feel like we already have. 

Many of us feel like we have been unable to express and be all of ourselves...shutting down our emotions, both our sadnesses and anger and our joys and passions. 


and many of us are feeling lonely, as we work so hard towards creating our lives and businesses, but simply cannot seem to work out what's holding us back from that next level of true joy and abundance. 

If you want to know your absolute lovability, beyond doubt

And want to be able to access all your energy, your radiance and vitality, these programs may be for you.






This 6 week online course will take you from your current understandings of who you are in relationships, to being in recognition of exactly who you are when it comes to love. 

Want to understand why your love life is the way that it is?

Want to have more intimacy and feel deeply seen and understood?

Would you like to bring desire back into your body and being?


Everything that exists, you are somehow in relationship to.

Intimacy is the foundation of every element of our lives.


In this online workshop you will:


  • Get clear on your unique style of intimacy, your specific needs and desires

  • Understand exactly why you are attracting the same man time and again

  • See why the strategies others are teaching haven’t been enough

  • Know the truth of your sexual energy and what you are emitting in your field

  • Begin to be safe to FEEL again


You will finish this program with a personalised blueprint to intimacy completed by you over the time of the workshop. 

THE SHADOWS OF INTIMACY 4 WEEK ONLINE COURSE (taking applications now - course begins 12th December, 2019)

The Shadows of Intimacy is a 4 week, online event for women who know that there are far deeper possibilities for intimacy available. You know that there are forces in play in your relationships that seem to be creating patterns, but somehow these same old patterns, same old triggers, continue to surface when you least expect them. 


You KNOW the principle that you are the one that is the constant in your relationships. 

That you MUST be the one creating it all. 

And there must just be something that you’re not yet SEEING.


Want to understand why your love life is the way that it is so that you can make better decisions? 

Want to have more intimacy and feel deeply seen and understood so you can have the closeness you want with others? 

Would you like to bring desire back into your body and being so you can experience the aliveness and passion you once had...and then watch that trickle out into more inspiration in ALL areas of your life? 


Behind every relationship upset, behind every thing in our life that we experience disharmony in, behind every upset, there is a shadow lurking. This course explains what shadows are, how we create them, how they affect our lives and are actually running the show, despite our efforts to make right decisions.

The integration experience will filter change throughout all areas of your life. Freedom to be who you really are will bring more presence and potency to your work life, your family life, your friendships. Your relationships with your children. And your ability to show up to contribute whatever your unique gifts are. 



SEEN 4 DAY RETREAT (Applications Open)


This 4 day (3 night) retreat to be held in the Gold Coast Hinterland in late April 2020, is an intimacy overhaul! 

Uncover the truth about intimacy, as it is uniquely relevant to you, AND experience additional workshops over the weekend presented by specially selected sexual intimacy trainers.

Each trainer will each bring their valuable expertise and embodiment practises for you to experience first hand. 


The retreat will be followed up by 8 weeks of integrative access with the group of women who attended alongside you. 

During this integration period, we help guide you to bring your new practises and knowledge into your everyday life, so you actually get the full benefit of the weekend's work. 



This six month mentorship with me will shift you entirely into a new way of being and understanding yourself and your life that re-sets the foundations of love!

* You will come to understand exactly what your blueprint of intimacy is that’s been unconsciously running you all along and attracting the same patterns.
* You will discover exactly who you really are in your world
* We will find the leading foundational issue that’s been holding you back (this affects ALL areas of your life)
* You will learn how to integrate that deeply embedded piece so that you can access more and more of your energy, vitality, confidence and radiance 
* You will become more emotionally stable and learn to FEEL again
* You walk away with greater insight, wisdom and intuition as part of embracing the full power that comes with being in a woman’s body.
* You will become powerfully emotionally intelligent, which brings harmony and mastery to your relationships
* You will up level the relationships in your life to have the Love and intimacy you truly desire and deserve. 

This experience includes weekly 1:1 sessions for the first month and then fortnightly after that. There are exercises and explorations that are tailored directly to you. Daily availability in our own private online group. Access to my personal program of intimacy and special processes to deep dive (I won’t offer these anywhere else). Energetic support work. 

AND a place at a 4 day retreat with other women and specialised sexual intimacy facilitators to ensure a rounded, expansive and fully transformational experience. 

If you feel it could be you that I designed this for, let’s talk.

Just send an email and say, Tell Me More about 1:1 to or click the link below to directly book into my calendar...and we can arrange a chat on the phone.


No pressure, let's just have a chat and see if it's right for you xx 

I am so looking forward to supporting and exploring with you.  

 B xx