What Love Feels like

all natural with traditional

& medicinal herbs to activate women's pleasure

the honeymoon effect. every day.

Yoni Elixir is more than a lubricant or massage oil. 

Yoni Elixir is that Honeymoon Feeling. The being wildly in love and the whole world falling into place.

It’s that sense of a home base inside of your own heart when the feeling of love rises up and expands and can’t help but pour out of you. 

the yoni elixir collection


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I used Yoni Elixir! I love it! 

I love how it absorbs, it’ super soft and not greasy or too oily. So my skin feels extra soft after using it. I felt more sensitive using it too. I definitely wouldn’t go back to coconut oil after using it.” 


Tegan ~ Sacred Sex Coach




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2020 The Year To Reclaim Your Sexual Vitality & Joy