yoni elixir's story & founder

What do you really want from your sex life?

What do you really want from your sex life? 


What is the role of sex in your life & relationships, and what does it mean to you? 

What does it (or doesn't it) provide for you in your life? 

Is it fulfilling for you?

Yoni Elixir is more than a lubricant or massage oil. 

We know that sex is not just sex. 

Sex is about deep intimate connection: to yourself, your body, to your lover, your pleasure and joy. 

Sex is about expression: of your body, your feelings, your love, your desire and your sensual nature. 

Sex is about receiving: pleasure and love and energy from your self and others.

Sex is about creating: creating whole humans, and also creating a container for intimacy and love.

So Yoni Elixir is not just a lubricant or massage oil. 

It's been created especially for women, and to be so much more than just sex.

Yoni Elixir is that Honeymoon Feeling. The being wildly in love and the whole world falling into place. It’s that sense of a home base inside of your own heart when the feeling of love rises up and expands and can’t help but pour out of you. 


It’s when you think you look the same as yesterday but people are looking at you differently, seeing you like never before, noticing the radiance of you emanating from deep within your soul. And ultimately, it’s that deep inner knowing you have of your true value, your true gift and your true power. 


It’s being rooted within your body, certain and captivatingly sensual.

It’s the feminine expression that happens when you truly love who you are.



None of that say ‘sex’ or ‘pleasure’ directly? 

That’s because this is where real, true, deep connection and intimacy is born.

Inside your own heart and at your own hands. 

And sex and pleasure is simply the physical manifestation of that. 

Sex and pleasure is what you ‘do’ to express this internal sensation that leaves you feeling overwhelmingly fulfilled and inspired. 


If you have ever had sex with someone, even had a great time, but been left feeling somehow empty…craving for something else but not sure what it is, that’s when you know you’re doing sex from the outside in.  


Yoni Elixir is about how you do sex from the inside out. 

All of this doesn't happen from your average oil. 

Yoni Elixir was designed ESPECIALLY with the intention of reclaiming this 'inside - out' SACREDNESS of sex. The possibilities for women, for her relationships and for her entire life dramatically open up when she takes back ownership of pleasure, recognises her right to pleasure and releases any shame or dogma or diminishment that says she is not entitled to the utmost blissful pleasure imaginable. 


When the creator of Yoni Elixir, Belinda Wearne undertook her own self pleasure journey and found the possibilities for her self, her life and her levels of personal power, the depth of her intimacy and her capacity for deep loving relationship (and of course her AMAZING sex life) all exploded. 


Prior to this, she'd experienced a series of ho-hum in relationships, never really feeling deeply seen and understood. Loving, but not intimate. 

Passable, but unfulfilling sex. Purely genital and physical, knowing there was more depth and more possibility, but not knowing where to find it or how to find a man who wanted that too. 

Desiring to be freed of the weight of what she'd been told it meant to live a woman's life of responsibility and duty and yearning for the excitement and flow of being truly embodied in and expressed in her feminine.   

Wanting to be released of the years of suppression and numbness to life's fullness. To express her emotion. To be embraced in all of her self. 

Hi Beauty,


Sex from the inside out is a life healing journey. 

Not only does it allow space for you to heal of any sexual abuse, or prior mishandling of your body. But of emotional repression. Of suppression of your wildness and your joy.

Sex can be THE most healing experience of your life. 

But not done the way we've been taught (or NOT taught in most cases). 

I want you to experience the kind of sex that brings you this magic of connection with your soul, of inherent deepening into your body, of celebration of being a woman, of connection and intimacy with your lover and of absolute and committed SELF LOVE. 

💗 Belinda